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Juniper Berries Whole (WC) (JUNIPERUS COMMUNIS)

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Juniper Berries (Whole) (Wild Crafted) Available in 1 OZ.

Description: Juniper, is a small evergreen tree belonging to the Cupressaceae family. It has bark that is smooth and yellow-brown at first, and later, gray-black and peeling, stiff and pointed needles, and small round blue-black cones. The cones are referred to as berries, but they are actually the female cones of the tree. Unlike other pine cones, they are fleshy and soft with a piney aroma with spicy and sweet, resinous flavor.

Origin: Albania

Other Names: Common Juniper, Enebro, Gemeiner Ginepro, Geneva, Gin Berry, Ginepro, Gin Plant, Juniper Bush, Wachholder

Part Used: Berry

Culinary Uses: Juniper Berries can be used in marinades, meats and wild game, stuffing, sauerkraut, sausages, soups, stews, and vegetables. They are also used in Gin and other alcoholic beverages. Juniper Berries can be roasted and used as a coffee substitute, or ground and used as a spice, much like pepper. Juniper is also added to grains. Juniper Berries should be crushed before using to release their full flavor. To make a tea, pour 1 cup boiling water over 1/4 teaspoon of Juniper Berries, cover and steep 3-5 minutes.

Medicinal Uses: Juniper berries are thought to strengthen the urinary system and help the body eliminate excess water and toxins. They are used to help with digestive and gastrointestinal inflammations. Externally, Juniper is sometimes used as a compress to treat acne, athlete's foot, dry skin, and dandruff.

Precautions and Adverse Reactions: Juniper Berries should not be used for more than six weeks in succession. Persons with inflammatory kidney disease should not use this herb. Not to be used during pregnancy.