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Kurukulle Incense (Tibetan goddess of love and wealth)


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Kurukulle (Tibetan goddess of love and wealth)
There are 12 sticks of incense per package & each stick burns about 45 minutes.

Kurukulle is both a protectress of the Royal Family and the Goddess of Seduction. In Nepal, her worship is extremely popular among the love-lorn and her invocation for aid is very effective. Her invocation and liturgy is obtained from a Tibetan Buddhist Lama (priest) who has her practice.

At Dragon Herbarium, we make and package our own incense, thus maintaining high quality control. Our natural incenses are created from the finest herbs, woods, resins and floral extracts according to traditional formulations without the use of hydrocarbon derived fixatives or petroleum products. We use only high quality coconut charcoal adhered to bamboo slivers, with gum arabic as the adhesive, giving a superior natural product without the use of chemical synthetics. Our perfume oils are the finest obtainable. We buy from the famous perfume fields of France, Morocco, the middle East, India, South Africa, and Nepal.

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