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Ginger Root (Crystalized) (ZINGIBER OFFICINALE)

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Ginger Root (Crystalized)
Available in 1 OZ, 1/4 LB, 1/2 LB, 1 LB.

Ginger is a herbaceous perennial belonging to the Zingiberaceae family, producing reed-like stalks from a thick, creeping, jointed rhizome. The flavor of Ginger is characterized by its unique combination of citrus, earthy notes and warming taste. Crystalized Ginger Root is the candied rhizome of the ginger plant, it has a spicy-sweet and hot flavor.


Other Names:
African Ginger, Candied Ginger, Shen Jiang, Zingiberaceae, Zingiberis Rhizoma

Part Used:
Root Crystallized

Culinary Uses:
Ginger can be used in Oriental & Asian dishes, curries, meat, fish, sauces, condiments, chutney, gingerbread, gingersnaps, breads, ginger ale and beer, hot cider, mulled wines, liqueurs, cordials.

Ginger, sugar

Medicinal Uses:
Ginger has been used for ages to aid digestion and treat stomach upset, diarrhea, and nausea. It also is known for nourishing to the gastrointestinal system. Ginger strengthens and heals the respiratory system, as well as helps fight off colds and flu, removes congestion, soothes sore throats, and relieves headaches and body aches.

Magickal Powers and Correspondences:
Powers: Love, money, success, and power.
Planet Rulership: Mars
Element Rulership: Fire
Gender: Masculine